A2Z Cabs of Stamford

A2Z Cabs of Stamford is your local quality taxi firm. A2Z Offers great taxi fares for the Stamford area and surrounding villages. A2Z Cabs of Stamford has 4, 5 and 6 seat vehicles available so Sit back and relax with A2Z Cabs of Stamford and let us make your journey as comfortable as possible.




Drop-offs and Pickups



On a normal day Monday to Saturday between 06-00 and 23-00: the meter charges rate 1 (hiring charge £1-70, then £1-80 per mile). Between 23-00 and 06-00 Monday to Saturday, all day on Sundays, Bank Holidays and on Christmas Eve until 20-00 and New Year's Eve until 20-00: the meter charges rate 2 (hiring charge £2-25, then £2-70 per mile)    


On Christmas and New Years Eve after 20-00. On Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day: the meters charge rate 3 (hiring charge £3-00, then £3-60 per mile).      


Six seat vehicles may have their own tariffs registered with the council. This enables them to charge at whatever rate they have decided to register. A copy of their rates must be displayed prominently within the vehicle and the driver should be able to explain how their tariff works.    


Due to increased running costs of vehicles, all of our six-seat vehicles currently operate on a company registered tariff, which allows them to charge a higher rate if there are more than four passengers within the vehicle.          


If the tariff would be rate 1 and there are more than four passengers rate 2 is charged if the tariff would be rate 2 and there are more than four passengers rate 3 is charged.



A2Z Cabs of Stamford are based in the town of Stamford in Lincolnshire. We have fully trained and professional staff members with over 10 years experience. We cover all the surrounding areas around Stamford (Peterborough, Oakham, Melton Mowbray and many more). We also cover all major airports and seaports across the UK. We have a reliable and comfortable fleet of cars and provide an excellent services throughout. Please contact us for you next booking with A2Z Cabs of Stamford.


Contact Us

Contact us at;
Ph: 01780767774
Mobile number: 07555666306
Address: 40 Broad Street Stamford PE9 1PX